GREatest Prep is a new GRE practice test software which completely
simulates and resembles the New GRE test format.



NEW GRE Format

Tests contain only New GRE test
problems, updated for new format.

Affordable Price

Each student can have fair chance
at getting his/her highest possible score.

5 (+5Q) GRE Tests

Contains 5 complete section-adaptive and
additional 5 quantitative tests, which will
perfectly reflect your actual GRE Score.

Risk-Free Practice

Practice under realistic conditions without
the usual financial and emotional risks or
impact on your historical score report.

High-Quality Problems

Our instructors did their best to provide
you with only high quality problems.


Runs smoothly on Windows and MacOS
via Adobe AIR technology.

Realistic Conditions

Our GRE software completely resembles real
test with all nuances of actual New GRE.

Completely Offline

There's no need for Internet connection.
It's completely offline!

Correct Answers

Our problems have correct answers
and complete explanations.


True section-adaptive algorithm will give
you the score most close to the real GRE.

Focus on Quality

Our instructor team's main target was to create tests that are as close as possible to actual GRE Revised General Test.

GREatest Prep tests are section-level-adaptive, meaning that all sections, both Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning, have a range of difficulty levels, from easy to difficult, and are assembled such that the first section is of average difficulty. The second section's difficulty is based on a test taker's overall performance on the first section. Using this approach, we are able to reproduce conditions of a real GRE test.

Focus on Usability

Our developer team works hard for GRE software to reflect the same features that are intrinsic in an actual GRE. Additionally, we have added the statistics of progress that will definitely aid test takers in reviewing the results and drilling their weak areas.

Like on a real GRE, you will be able to edit or change your answers and skip questions, all within a section, giving you the freedom to use your own personal test-taking strategies. As well, a calculator will be available on the Quantitative Reasoning section to reduce the emphasis on computation.

Our GRE software has also a “mark and review” feature that enables you to mark questions you would like to revisit during the time provided to work on that section. Also you can view a complete list of all the questions in the section on which you’re working. There will be indicated whether you’ve answered each question and as well identified the questions you’ve marked for review. Additionally, there is the possibility to review questions you’ve already answered and to change your answers, provided you still have time remaining to work on that section, just like on the real GRE test.

After completing the test, your test answers will be stored in case you wish to review them later. "Review Test" will help you go through every question you have answered during the test and identify where you have made mistakes. For each problem there is a correct answer with a complete solution.

Why GREatest Prep?

GRE is primarily testing your endurance. You can have all the verbal and quantitative knowledge you need, but if you can't rack your brain under pressure for a grueling four hours, you're not going to score well on the GRE. Practicing with every question ETS has ever written won't help if you can't switch gears between subjects, work quickly, and stay focused. You need to practice under realistic test conditions.

The number-one obstacle for test takers is time! Time management is absolutely the most critical aspect of your test session. You need to be able to use your time wisely on your actual GRE. When the timer starts blinking at the 5 minute mark, will you panic or will you calmly strategize so you leave no single question unanswered? You'll only handle it well after practicing under realistic conditions.

The GRE test-scoring algorithm assigns more weight to the first section as it attempts to narrow your potential to a given range. Additionally, unanswered questions lower your score more than incorrect answers. Our GRE software includes an accurately reproduced scoring engine that truly separates it from any other practice materials available.

GRE is a Computer Adaptive Test because it actually adapts to you based on your personal performance. The aspect of the GRE test that severely impacts high performers is that it will present you with harder questions in second sections. Only by practicing under these conditions you will learn to accurately manage your time and endurance to achieve the highest possible score.

Getting Support

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page. You can always feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you within a few minutes or hours.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you might like to see added or changed — we are always happy to listen to each and everyone.