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Founded in July 2008, enhanced by interactive technology, GREatest Prep aims to make the studying process easier and more productive. We are proud to say that we are exclusively GRE-oriented test-preparation company, and our main goal is to provide high-quality studying material that is the most close to the real GRE and completely resembles all conditions of the test.

We believe that GRE skills come with practice and drilling, and our GRE software will definitely provide you with a sufficient amount of practice material. Our mission is to create the best GRE test-preparation software available at an affordable price, so that any student can have a fair chance at getting his highest-possible score.

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Start from our Support page as most probably you'll be able to find answers there. If still have problems contact techsupport@greatestprep.com

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Our marketing and developer teams are well-coordinated and work hard to continuously improve our GRE software.
Our instructor team consists of the best GRE tutors with extensive teaching experience. Each of them has scored in the 99th percentile of the official GRE in each section.
Our tutors know their job and will definitely fulfill all your expectations.