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Installation FAQ

What type of computer is required to use your software?

Our products run on all modern computer systems and all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) via Adobe AIR technology. If you are unsure of our support for your computer platform, please contact us. Also have a look on AIR system requirements if you have an older computer.

I can’t launch software after installation, how should I proceed?

In the vast majority of cases there should be no problems after installation, however, if you are having any try to read these troubleshooting tips. If they don’t work, email us and we’ll do our best to help you.

How to update from FREE version to any other version?

If you have already installed FREE demo version, just install Full/Quant/Verbal version on top of your current one, the demo version will be replaced with current one.

What should I do if GREatest Prep crashes?

It's pretty rare case, here's what to do if GREatest Prep crashes for you more than twice.

✓   Update your Adobe AIR to the latest version.

✓   Reinstall your GREatest Prep (see below).

How to reinstall GREatest Prep?

To reinstall GREatest Prep:

✓   On Windows: use “Add/Remove Programs” from your Control Panel and uninstall GREatest Prep

✓   On Mac OS X: simply delete the GREatest Prep file from your Applications directory.

Afterwards go to your "Documents" folder and delete "GREatest Prep Tests" folder. Then try installing the application again.

Licensing and Purchasing FAQ

What is the activation procedure?

✓   After installation, application will generate Product key, which is distinct for each installation. You will need to email it to us indicating the name that was used for purchase.

✓   In next 24 hours we will respond with Activation key, which you will need to enter on application launch.

When will I receive the email with activation key?

After you will email us, the Product key, in next 24 hours you will receive the email which contains required Activation key and any other information needed to use our software. Please, insure you are checking the same email account you used to send product key. Also, be sure to check your SPAM/Trash folder in case our email was inappropriately routed there instead of your Inbox.

How long license code is valid?

License code remains valid indefinitely until you decide to reinstall the application.

How should I proceed with purchase?

To proceed with purchase you will need to choose which payment processing system you want to use for transaction (PayPal or 2CheckOut). Then you can follow the steps untill transaction is completed.

I don't have credit card and PayPal, how should I proceed with purchase?

If you don’t have possibility to pay with credit/debit card you can contact us and we will help you to pay using bank transfer.

Is the purchase procedure secure?

Yes, we guarantee that there is no risk. Your financial information is never stored or handled by us, instead, it is passed in encrypted form directly from your web browser to payment processing systems you selected to transact your payment (PayPal or 2CheckOut). Once your payment is completed, you will be emailed a receipt for the transaction. For more information, you can read about PayPal's and 2CheckOut's security measures.

Do you charge for shipping?

No, we do not charge for shipping. Our products are delivered electronically and available for download directly from our website.

Product FAQ

If after the test application changes answer choices and scoring system is working incorrectly, troubleshooting:

✓   Uninstall the application completely (Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> GREatest Prep - rightclick - uninstall).

✓   Go to your Documents folder and there delete "GREatest Prep Tests" folder.

✓   Download and reinstall Adobe AIR..

✓   Install the GREatest Prep application one more time.

✓   If that was Full/Quant/Verbal version, then send us the Product key in order to receive the Activation key.

Can I take the same GRE test multiple times?

Yes, you can, but first section of verbal and quantitative parts will always remain the same. Second section will be selected depending on your performance on previous section. Since you will drain the pool of sections, it is advisable to finish all tests first and only then try to retake those you wish.

How do I save my GRE test session results?

Your results are automatically saved when you complete your test. Then you can check your scores at List of available tests screen and review your answers.

How do I review my GRE test session results?

Simply select "Review Test" link on a test you'd like to load your previously saved session.

Will I encounter identical questions within your GRE tests?

No, never. Each of our tests contains completely independent sets of questions and you will never encounter identical questions amongst our exam offerings.

What is Product key?

Product key is a specific software-based key that is generated for certain computer. It certifies that the copy of the program is original.

What is Activation key?

Activation key is generated from Product key. You will need to enter it on application launch to activate your version of software.

How do you recommend I use GREatest Prep?

Our software is most useful when the student treats our simulated tests as if they were the real tests and completes every part under realistic conditions with no breaks or distractions. Our tests are not designed for practicing specific question types or for drills. Instead, they offer students the opportunity to simulate the real test and practice handling the rigors of the test experience in combination with the challenges of the questions themselves.

We typically recommend that you complete all the study and drills you intend to perform for GRE Test preparation. Afterwards, you need to schedule time to complete our exams as if they were the real thing. If you score in your desired range, you should feel confident that you have met your goal and take real GRE Test asap. If not, then address your weaknesses with more drilling and then try one more time.

Why should I complete a full GRE practice session in one sitting?

While we understand that it is difficult to find the time to complete a simulated GRE session in a single sitting, based upon our extensive experience, it would be a disservice to you to encourage partial completion of a simulated exam. While practice sessions and drills have their place in GRE preparation, our software is meant to recreate the actual exam experience from beginning to end. The GRE requires a significant time investment. In fact, time management throughout an entire GRE session is the major factor in every student's final score. Thus, we want our software to assist students by preparing them for the rigors of comprehensive time management throughout a complete exam session. Although it can be an inconvenience, we believe you'll thank us for forcing you to find the uninterrupted time to practice with an authentic simulator.

Anyway, you do have the option to skip sections or quit the test at any time. We do not recommend using it unnecessarily, but we added this feature to our software for students who unexpectedly need to quit an active session. However, if you quit an incomplete GRE simulation, your current progress will not be saved.