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GRE Software for Mac

Posted on: December 27th, 2012 by Richard

GRE Software for macSometimes it’s indeed frustrating that ETS doesn’t care much about Mac users, which as others also need to familiarize themselves with the new GRE test format. Maybe students do not complain enough, or try to use friend's computer which runs Windows, or maybe try web-based study material, which in most cases is outdated or not really relevant to the new format of the test. So, better just be safe and don’t waste your precious time and prep with us! And as you may know, we did develop GRE software for Mac, which you can try out and start practicing under realistic conditions.

So why should you practice with our GRE software?

Do you know what is the first thought the test-takers have after they took GRE? Everyone’s thinking he/she could do much better the second time. How do you think, why that happens? Yes, you’re right! EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Your GRE score depends as much on your knowledge and familiarity with the exam as it does on your knowledge of the test material. Our GRE software for mac can act as an important aid in your GRE preparation. You can practice every section of the GRE and every question type both for quantitative and verbal part of the test.

The other benefit you’ll get is an increase of a problem-solving speed. As you may know the number one obstacle on GRE is time! And time management is indeed crucial aspect for good GRE score. Only by practicing under realistic conditions, you’ll become more aware of how much time you have taken to answer each question. And soon you’ll begin to recognize those questions which take more time to answer and manage your time accordingly.

Another reason why you should try our GRE software for mac is that we are sure you’ll be less stressed on the test day if you practice with our GRE simulator. Why do we think so? Well, first of all, remember that GRE is 4 hours long test, and there you’ll be under constant pressure while you need to stay focused and work quickly, as well as switch between subjects promptly without confusing yourself. And that you will only handle well if you had enough practice experience. Only our GRE software for mac will help you to feel more confident on the test day.

Yet another reason why you should stick with us, is for Advanced Statistics of Progress. You will be able to evaluate your performance and level of preparation using our GRE software. After taking all the practice tests you can check your progress and weak areas. And then, accordingly, you can plan further preparation and strategies to improve your test-taking skills.

So how to install GRE software on Mac?

First you’ll need to install Adobe AIR, and then download GRE software for mac and proceed with installation. If you have any questions - feel free to contact us:


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