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Tips for efficient use of GREatest Prep

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Richard

GREatest Prep tips and strategiesOur software is most useful when the student treats our simulated tests as if they were the real tests and completes every part under realistic conditions with no breaks or distractions. Our tests are not designed for practicing specific question types or for drills. Instead, they offer students the opportunity to simulate the real test and practice handling the rigors of the test experience in combination with the challenges of the problems themselves.

We typically recommend that you complete all the study and drills you intend to perform for GRE Test preparation. Afterwards, you need to schedule time to complete our exams as if they were the real thing. If you score in your desired range, you should feel confident that you have met your goal and take real GRE Test asap. If not, then address your weaknesses with more drilling and then try one more time.

It is very important to complete a full GRE practice session in one sitting. While we understand that it is difficult to find the time to complete it in a single sitting, based upon our extensive experience, it would be a disservice to you to encourage partial completion of a simulated exam. While practice sessions and drills have their place in GRE preparation, our software is meant to recreate the actual exam experience from beginning to end. The GRE requires a significant time investment. In fact, time management throughout an entire GRE session is the major factor in every student’s final score. Thus, we want our software to assist students by preparing them for the rigors of comprehensive time management throughout a complete exam session. Although it can be an inconvenience, we believe you’ll thank us for forcing you to find the uninterrupted time to practice with an authentic simulator. Anyway, you do have the option to skip sections or quit the test at any time. We do not recommend using it unnecessarily, but we added this feature to our software for students who unexpectedly need to quit an active session. Don't worry, you will be able to retake that test any time you want.

For each test the first section is of medium difficulty and depending on your performance the second section can be easy, medium or hard. Remeber, you can always restart previously taken test.

Try to pay attention to solutions, even if you solved problem correctly. For many problems there are helpful shortcuts that can significantly save you time on your actual GRE Test.

Also pay attention to Statistics of Progress screen. There are listed all the categories to which questions belong, additionally there is statistics by question types and difficulty. Based on your performance, you will be able to see in what areas you are weak and what you should focus on to improve your scores.

Now start your first test and good luck!


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