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GREatest Quant Prep contains 10 tests!

Posted on: Novermber 1st, 2012 by Richard

Greatest Quant Prep updated with 10 testsWe are happy to announce our instructor team has finally finished 5 additional tests for Quantitative part of GREatest Quant Prep, so totally now there is 10 tests available for practice! Also, we need to mention that previous 5 tests were reviewed and updated.

Besides, our developer team has added few additional features:

✓ Now you can easily reset current test scores by pressing "back arrow" button from the left side in the list of available tests. However, be careful, since after resetting current test the second section will be chosen based on your performance on the first section.

✓ In Statistics of Progress now there're displayed percentages of correctly answered questions. So you don't need to rack your brain by trying to calculate in what category you're weak and which of your skills are strong.

✓ Few confirmations were added on retaking the previously seen tests and on quitting the Review Test mode. Hence, now you can avoid deleting your scores by accident and leaving the test review before finishing it properly.

✓ Also were fixed few minor bugs.

We hope to release verbal version of our GRE software in 2-3 month, however we haven't yet set any strict deadlines, so be patient ;)


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